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Chapter 1 - IBC, UL Labs, FM Global, CNRC & Florida Building Codes:

1.0 International Building Code 2009

       IBC Roofing vs. Recovering (Info upon request)

        2001 Co Wind Vented System "Exception"

1.1 Understanding The Exception To IBC Building Codes

1.2 Self Drying Aspect of 2001 Co. Wind Vented Roof

1.3 Explanation of Load Transfer to Structure (Info upon request)

1.4 IBC Code Approvals are ICCES Evaluation Reports:

      IBC Letter to all 2001 Co Representatives

      Report ESR1463, Carlisle Membranes Private Label

      Report ESR 3184, Sika-Sarnafil Membrane Private Label

      Report 2403, Spray Foam and Membrane

1.5 UL laboratories Test Reports:

      How to Access UL.com and 2001 Reports

      2001 Co Receives Highest Wind Uplift Test Rating of 285 PSF by UL

      Self Drying Aspect of 2001 Co Wind Vented Roof Confirmed by UL

      UL Update May 2012: Report on Roofing Systems and Uplift Resistance 

      UL QIGU2.R9734 Photovoltaic Modules - Component

          QIGU2 Guide Info Photovoltaic Modules - Components

      UL CHCI.R9734 Roofing Membranes

          CHCI.R9734 Guide Info Roofing Membranes

      UL TLWK.R9734 Roofing Membranes

          TLWK.R9734 Guide Info Roofing Membranes

      UL TGFU.R9734 Roofing Systems

           TGFU.R9734 Guide Info Roofing Systems

      UL TGFU7.R974 Roofing Systems Certified for Canada

           TGFU7.R974 Guide Info Roofing Systems

      UL TGIK.R9734 Roofing Systems, Uplift Resistance

           TGIK.R9734 Guide Info Roofing Systems, Uplift Resistance

1.6 FM Global (Factory Mutual) Test Reports:

      2001 TPA Mechanically Fastened

      2001 TPO Mechanically Fastened

      C-EPDM_CR Mechanically Fastened

      C-EPDM-C Mechanically Fastened

      C-EPDM-CR Type 1 Mechanically Fastened

      EPDM RF Fully Adhered

      Kelly TPO Mechanical Fastened

1.7 NRC - CNRC (Canadian) Reports:
      Wind Uplift Pressures of 2001 Co. Wind Vented Negative Pressure Roofing System

      B1456-1 June 3 2011

      B1456-2 June 3 2011

      B1456-3 June 3 2011

      B1456-4 February 4 2013

1.8 Florida Building Codes:
      How to Get Florida Reports Online
(Info upon request)
      Metro Dade
(Info upon request)
      Florida State Building Codes
(Info upon request)

Chapter 2 - Existing Wet Roof Substrate Drying:

      2.1 U.S. DoE, Lab Measurements of the Drying Rates of Low-Slope 
      Roofing Systems

      2.2 ORNL, A Whole Building Demo of Re-Cover Over an Existing Wet   

Chapter 3 - Energy Efficiency of Various Roof Assemblies:

      3.0 Intertek Testing (ASTM C-136397), Canada

      3.1 NRCC Guarded Hot Box Testing (ASTM C-136397)

      3.2 2001 Co Explanation (Info upon request)

Chapter 4 - How to Design Hurricane and Tornado Proof Roofs:

4.1 Hail Damage

      2001Co. Severe Hail Damage Testing

      US Patent 7,712,275 B2: Method for Reducing Membrane Damage from 

      Hail Damage Rider for .090+ mil C-EPDM

4.2 Wind Blown Debris Damage:

      Wind Blown Debris Rider SAMPLE

      The Texas Tech “Wind Blown Debris Test”: Hurricane 140 Mph & 
      Tornado 250 Mph

Chapter 5 - Slow Rise Adhesive Foam:
      5.1 NRCC - Hot Roof

      5.2 2001 Co. System Roof Drying Verification - Hackettstown NJ High   
      School Profile

5.3 FM Testing:
      Termination Bar Air Tape Seal Testing

      Slow Rise Urethane Spray Foam Sealing on Metal Decks

5.4 Patents:

      Deck Fire Barrier with Spray Foam

      Making the Roof a Thermos Bottle

      Horizontal Air Seals

      Reinforced Spray Foam

      Tapered Plateau
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