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VI - FM Global Approvals For a System

For FM (Factory Mutual) approved roof systems go to Roof Nav, on FM's website, and search for 2001 under Company Name. A free user set up is required!
          FM Global Test Reports:
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I - IBC (International Building Code)
Single-ply roof membrane systems:

ESR-3185 ICC-ES Evaluation Report on EPDM, PVC, TPO

ESR-3184 ICC-ES Evaluation Report on PVC
II - Pressure Equalized Roof Recover System

Code Compliance Research Report, Deer Ridge Consulting, Inc.
Go to Florida's Product Approvals page and under the "Find a Product or Application" section enter in the field labeled FL# 2689 (2001's FL Approval Code) then click on the Search button at bottom of page.

You can also search for us under company name as KELLY CO-2001 INC.
III - Florida Product Approvals for 2001 Company
IV - Miami-Dade (Info Available Upon Request)

          Notice of Acceptance

V - UL Listings
How to Access and 2001 Reports

Surface Fire Resistance UL 790 - Class A, B, C

Internal Fire Resistance P Series

Wind Uplift Resistance  TGIKR9734

Weathering Resistance (Info Available Upon Request)

Photovoltaic Modules - Component QIGU2.R9734

Hail Resistance: Extreme Hail Testing - Koontz Engineering - Hobbs, NM
VII - Hail Koontz Engineering

This is a flash presentation explaining hail damage via controlled laboratory testing done at Koontz Engineering. It is 21mb in size and in a Flash format.    Click here to download this file.

2001 TPA Mechanically Fastened

2001 TPO Mechanically Fastened

C-EPDM_CR Mechanically Fastened

C-EPDM-C Mechanically Fastened

C-EPDM-CR Type 1 Mechanically Fastened

EPDM RF Fully Adhered

Kelly TPO Mechanical Fastened
X - Energy Efficiency Testing CNRC

NRCC (National Research Council Canada) Guarded Hot Box

ITS (Intertek Testing) Montreal, Canada
VIII - Wind Blown Debris - Texas Tech 10ft 2x4 (Info Available Upon Request)

For Tornado and Hurricane Flying Debris
IX - Weathering Great Southwest Sunshine Labs (Info Available Upon Request)

325 Thomaston Ave. Waterbury, CT 06723   -    P: 203.575.9220 
Hurricane Irma Results